A well-equipped hair salon

What should you do to create a great hair salon, that will draw attention of many clients? Well, you should definitely make sure to employ hairdressers who are really talented and hard-working, but it is not all. Another important thing is to make sure that you equip you salon with everything that is necessary. What is more, those should also be products of the best possible quality, as both clients and your employees will definitely appreciate it. Because of that, professional equipment is an essential element of a good hair salon.

What does hair salon’s equipment include?

Hair salon’s equipment is a quite broad term, as it includes everything that need to be present at every hairdresser’s. Some essential pieces of furniture, accessories and electrical devices. Every single element of such equipment needs to be taken care of and chosen wisely, as it all can affect clients’ opinions about the hair salon.

The reception and waiting room

It is the first space that clients see after they enter our salon, so we should make sure that they will be pleased with it. The first impression really matters and many people make the decision on whether to stay or leave the place, on that basis. That is why all elements of the interior design of those places should be well considered. Make sure to buy a neat and elegant reception desk where the clients may get necessary information and make an appointment. A comfortable sofa is a very important part of every waiting room, and people really appreciate it. Remember that they come to the hairdresser not only to change their appearance, but also to relax, and such piece of furniture will definitely help them to achieve that goal.

hairdresser washThe hairdresser’s wash

Another place which can also make clients really comfortable and relaxed in your hair salon is the space where you wash their hair. Such washing combined with a massage is a pure pleasure, but without good wash basin and chair it won’t work quite well. Don’t even think about buying a cheap equipment of that kind, as it usually isn’t very comfortable, and your clients won’t be satisfied.

The console and hairdressing armchair

The console as well as the armchair must match the style that we chose for the whole salon. The console should guarantee enough space for the necessary accessories, and have a large mirror, so the client can see everything that is happening with his or her hair. The armchair needs to look good and stylish but it also has to be really comfortable, which is the priority in this case.


Jacob Lamerton