Hair salon’s accessory and equipment – a handbook

More and more people make use of hair salons’ and beauty salons’ services. The new salons spring up like mushrooms, anyway they are replete by customers. Let me present a little handbook of hair salon’s equipment which shows technical points and the mode which rules on the market.

Hair salon’s appointments

A giant part of hairdresser’s salon’s service is an impression made on a client. The salon and it’s appointments are reflection of the owner and the services which he offers. Usually it’s a reason why customers chooses the concrete studio. There are a lot of significant points. You have to share the space on parts, choose furniture and the lighting. The colour and decorations are also very important. Furniture is by no means only an esthetic element. It has to be chosen well to be functional and make the hairdresser’s work convenient. You have to care about clients and employee comfort. If customer is satisfied by your salon he will return to you.

A hairdresser’s armchair – how to choose it?

Armchairs are certainly the basic hair salon’s equipment. It has to provide the comfort for customer and hairdresser. Armchair should be rotating but it should also has a blockade to avoid unnecessary moves. Usually recommended armchairs are 50-70 cm deep, 55-70 cm wide and about 1 m high.

hairdresser's chair

A hairdresser’s console

A hairdresser’s console is an element ambient an armchair. It’s basic element is a mirror. Thanks to that client can control the process of hairdresser’s work. A mirror has to be floodlit well and there has to be a little space for hairdresser’s tools and customer’s stuff next to it.

A hairdresser’s helper

A hairdresser’s helper is a little shelf for basic hairdresser’s stuff. It’s usually about 1 m high. It should have retractable shelves and drawers. You can buy it as a finished product or order it for yourself.

A hairdresser’s wash

A hairdresser’s wash is an armchair with a comfortable back rest for a head which place it above a sink. It’s a ceramic basin adapted for hair washing.

Hairdresser’s accessories

It’s hard to imagine hair salon’s equipment without accessories like hairdryer or curling tongs. 

Maria Luxton