How To: Renovate Your Salon Like a Pro

If you consider the possibility of renovating your hairdresser's salon, there are several things you should keep in mind. They say that change is always good – but the fact is, you have to try hard to get a profit out of it. Updating the look of your space shouldn't be a one-time action, but rather an ongoing process with some big changes occurring every 5-7 years. Here are some useful tips:

1. Small modifications matter

There are plenty of things that you can do on a smaller scale, including changing shelving, hanging new artwork or investing in different lighting. You don't have to spend millions of dollars to make your hairdresser's salon look like a brand new place.

2. Client's needs go first

No matter what you're planning to do – to paint the walls, buy new furniture or just change the color of your equipment – always stay focused on your customer, not on yourself. Unfortunately, it's a common mistake. Try to think like a client and understand your hairdresser's space from a comfort point of view. Mapping out your new layout, remember about two main factors: ease of use and cleanliness. Salon and all the things that you keep in it (especially equipment and furniture) should be stylish, functional and truly inviting. Try the best you can to create a feeling of wellness, beauty and comfort. Elements of nature might be helpful. Hairdresser's space should feel like home!

refresh hair salon

3. Plan in advance

The crucial thing about running a perfect transformation is to plan everything in advance. Renovation may take just a few months, but you have to prepare everything in the first place. Think about every detail – you can even try to design the furniture and then tell somebody to make them. Beware of common errors, like dedicating too much space to the waiting room – big, empty spaces might look cool, but they won't create any revenue, will they?

4. Communication is a key

The greatest challenge is to stay operational throughout the renovating process. To achieve it, a proper communication between the staff and the construction workers is required. Your job is to coordinate the whole schedule.

5. Promote new look properly

If you have the possibility to do so, let's do something special for your loyal clients. Give them a VIP membership card and invite them to some kind of garden party. It's one of the best ways to promote your renovated hairdesser's salon. If everything was nicely done, plus new furniture and equipment was chosen with the client's interest in mind – you will definitely succeed!

Maria Luxton