A hairdresser’s footrest – an accessory useful for the customer

Customers very often don’t remark a hairdresser’s footstool. What’s paradoxical – they can notice when it’s gone. Thanks to a footrest they feel more comfortable. That furniture denotes the professionalism of a hair salon’s owner and means that he knows what he does. A footrests is in theory a third-rate element like a sofa in a waiting room. However, it has very huge influence on the customer’s content.


There’s no only an one obligatory form of a footrest. There are a lot of materials, esthetic styles, kinds of design and ways of montage. Every hair salon’s owner has his own idea for that. Modern hair salons use a footrest in a different way then more classic hair salons. It’s worth to choose easy to clean footrests, made from the chromic steel. Another important think is resilience for the pressure and the dirt of customer’s shoes. Doesn’t matter which form will you choose – you have to be sure that the cleaning of furniture won’t be hard.

Let’s choose a footrest

When you look for a proper footrest, you should at first choose the shape of it. There are really a lot of options – you can find just an one pole attached to a base or four and eight poles, smaller or larger, set out widely or slim-line.  Additions like rubber can also be important.

furniture for hair salon

Most generally, you have to predict which type of footrest will be the most comfortable for you. Big, comfortable, but hard to clean footrests won’t be a good idea in the salon, where customers come right extraneous but it will be great in a hair salon placed in the shopping mall.

Together or separately?

It’s worth to consider buying a footrest connected with a hairdresser’s chair. That solutions makes using a footrest easier. On the other hand, it could be harder to clean and your choice of models would be smaller. What’s more, that kind of furniture is more expensive because of more complicated construction. 

Jacob Lamerton