Hairdresser’s accessories – a guide of professional names and prefixes

It’s hard to imagine professional hairdresser’s work without the proper scissors. There are a lot of different types of the scissors, dedicated for different actions. That’s why you can find some kinds of the scissors in a professional hair salon.

Offset is a name of characteristic slanted shape of a cutting edge in the hairdresser’s jargon. That type of scissors has not only a sunken cut, but also insignificantly slanted loops, therefore they make it possible to reach every place.

A type of the scissors called crane spotlight themselves above all because of their characteristic handle which is exceptionally well balanced. Another interesting feature are very thin cutting edges, thanks to which you can create even very precise stylization. They’re also often covered by the titan, which makes them really long-lasting.

necessary equipment

Movable or convex sing means the scissors with typical loop. Thanks to them, a thumb can be mounted in a natural way and the hairdresser’s work is not so exhausting. Their another good feature is a fact, that they fit every hand.

A name curved says that the scissors have bent loops. They look similar to the bigger cosmetic scissors. The biggest difference is that a handle is pretty big comparing to the cutting edges.

The scissors with serration with V shape are called prism. Their shape is graceful and their edge is soft which makes them perfect for so-called cutting without a slide. Micro in a row are the original scissors with a typical micro cut. The tiny serration hold down the hair and make the cutting much more easier. Every hair salon should be also possessed with the scissors called relax. They have exceptionally ergonomic shape.

Jacob Lamerton