Hairdresser’s scissors – what is worth to take notice of before the shopping?

Hairdresser’s scissors are a fundamental tool in each hairdresser’s work. You can imagine for example a hair salon without a sauna for the hair but a hair salon without scissors just can’t exist. In addition, the quality of a tool is important, because efficiency of hairdresser’s work depends on it.

Good hairdresser’s scissors are a real salon’s promotion because thanks to them a hairdresser can create a spectacular hair styles and this will cause new customers and good opinion about hairdresser’s skills. Better scissors mean better haircut, hair style composition and whole effect. Low quality of scissors cause slapdash hair style and discontent of customers.

Where can you buy the good scissors and how to choose from a wide offer?

Before buying the professional scissors, it’s worth to look at the opinions and offers from different producers. It will give you the general knowledge and make your choice easier. If you prepare earlier, you will know, what kind of scissors are the best and what you should avoid. One of the most important things is material, which the scissors are made from – the best are of course made of steel.

Hairdresser’s scissors

Another significant thing is a country where a tool was produced. The best scissors are produced in Japan and in Germany. That’s why it’s worth to check it before. You should also check a shape of a cutting edge and if it’s comfortable to hold in a hand. It’s worth to check a couple of models and choose the best one.

In the hairdressing the most often choose model for male cutting is 6” or 6,5” and for female cutting is 5” and 5,5”. The special scissors with characteristic serrations called chunking shears are used to shade hair. The position and coarseness decide on amount of cut hair.

Laura Kendrick