Hair salon’s reception – some rules how to design it

Hair salon’s reception is a first place where customers go in when they come to salon, that’s why it’s worth to devote time and attention to arrange it. The first impression can ground opinion about the salon and it’s professionalism. Salon’s reception should be convenient and elegant because customers wait there for their turn.

That’s why it’s so important to make client feel comfortable and kind there. You should provide him relax and détente for a long time. What should you do to achieve that effect and what should you centre on when you design hair salon’s reception?

Reception is a real heart of a hairdresser’s salon

Customers come to reception to make an appointment and to let know about their arrival. That’s the place of organization all the work of hair salon. Everyone who dwells in a salon has contact with a person working at reception. Maybe it’s not the most important place in hair salon but customer’s attitude depends on it. If reception is well designed, has good colours and accessory and furniture, a customer will surly remember it in a positive way.

waiting room furniture

We can say that a reception is real representation and heart of a hair salon. Half of the success of salon is a proper person working at reception. He has to be communicative and kind for quests. Usually a person who works as a receptionist is also a hairdresser, because it’s expensive to hire a single person only for reception. Some people don’t appreciate that hairdresser’s work isn’t the only thing which make a customer come back to the hair salon. Atmosphere and design of all rooms, also a reception, is very important and has the influence on customer’s opinion.

Furniture – very important element

Today hair salon’s furniture’s producers offer a lot of different kinds of their products. You can choose from a lot of styles and colours but you have to be reserved to make a furniture from reception match the other elements of a salon. You can choose round, square or rectangular – I depends on salon’s setup.

Furniture has to be placed to not interfere with hairdresser’s work. It also has to provide the comfort for the customers. You can’t put it near the door, because it may be  to cold in the winter and be too hot in the summer. Aside from a sofa or chairs you can put there also a little table for the magazines, television, radio or water distributor. 

Laura Kendrick