Hair salon’s reception – the most important points

Reception at a hair salon makes the first good impression. It’s incredibly important because when a customer comes to the salon he has nothing to make an opinion about that place instead of a smiling person waiting for him in a stylish reception.

If a client is greeted without a smile and is already asked to take a seat and wait, he will be disappointed and he won’t feel good in your salon. It’s not so easy to make a good first impression. When a client comes to a salon he has to see light interior with diplomas on the walls and he has to feel important and welcome. If he feels lost he will run away to the concurrent salon. Fortunately all the elements needed to create good impression depends on you.


It doesn’t matter if a hair salon is placed in a block of flats – it has to have a well working reception. Customer has to be welcomed joyfully and competently. They should be asked about a time of appointment and about a regular customer. If they want to schedule an appointment on another date, a receptionist should write down it in a calendar and give a showcase. Even if a customer have no idea how the hairdresser’s work look like, he will carve out an opinion about a salon. That’s why he has to be welcomed kindly and competently.

The newest trends in a waiting room design

When you design a waiting room, you should keep some rules involving the mode of arranging that kind of places. Today, the most important is the rule that beauty lies in simplicity.  Cubist forms connected with minimalism are very popular. Interior designed in that way is spatial, natty and functional. There aren’t any unnecessary decorations.

The alternative solution is modern eclecticism which draws inspirations from many different styles, mostly from baroque. Designing that kind of interior is a little more difficult but instead you can realize a lot of interesting ideas and create a spectacular and cheerfull place.

Jacob Lamerton