How to create a nice hair salon’s reception?

A hair salon needs to draw clients attention and make them feel really comfortable. Thanks to that they will be more willing to come back and use the services of a certain hairdresser one more time. But how to do it right? The first thing that we should care about is the design of the reception, which is the space where we welcome our clients. There is no doubt that every person have a different taste when it comes to the design of the certain spaces. However, while talking about the places such as hair salons we need to combine our own taste with what is expected by the clients.

First impression matters

Some hair salons’ owners seem to forget about the reception as they think only about the main part of the whole salon. But everyone should bear in mind that the first impression really matters and may influence the clients’ opinion about that certain hair salon. That is why, we should take some time and carefully prepare the design of our reception as this is the first space that people will see after entering the salon.

The colours

Colours used in every kind of rooms are very important, as they can influence our mood. Because of that, we should rather choose bright, warm colours for the reception, as they seem to be more friendly for people and that way they also feel more welcomed in such room. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the whole space must be all white. We can always find some nice elements of decoration in more intensive colours that will match the stale of our salon.

hair salon furniture


In the center of every hair salon’s reception there should be an elegant and neat desk. It should be visible for the clients right after they enter the salon, so they won’t have to wander around the whole place to get some information or make an appointment. Of course, we need to make sure that the style and colour of the desk match the rest of the furniture.

Another piece of furniture that is very relevant for the hair salon’s reception is a sofa. There are situations when our clients need to wait for the service, as they sometimes come too early or the hairdresser runs late. If we don’t want them to become angry or annoyed during that time, the comfortable sofa is a priority. It doesn’t have to be very big if there is not enough space, but make sure that your clients will feel relaxed while spending time in the reception.

What is more, everyone enjoys some kind of entertainment when they wait for their turn, so prepare a coffee table with various magazines on it. Thanks to that your clients won’t get bored.


Maria Luxton